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Amazing Grace Institute of Nursing, Karachi, Pakistan-contains rules and regulations concerning admissions, examinations and administration etc. The information provided on our portal will be applicable only to the students of Amazing Grace Institute of Nursing.
The aims of our Institute of Nursing are to train and educate young pupils with aptitude for Nursing Training, to provide skilled and intelligent nursing care. Besides, professional ability, the Institute believes in the total development of students in providing them education relating to health as well as to create health atmosphere to enhance interest of the community towards development of nursing cause and people to realize the importance of the role of nursing in the social and economic life of the society and nation as a whole.

NURSING AS A CAREER REWARDS & OPPORTUNITIES To promote health facilities for the communities in Pakistan through skillful and qualified Nurses. Health is a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well being, the role of nursing has the responsibility to achieve, promote the standard of nursing. To ensure the delivery of quality nursing services and adequate supply of proficient nurses is an urgent need which Nursing Institute is facilitating to fulfill. We believe providing nursing education is an art and competent instructors are essential to promote effective learning. Skillful and trained nurses have a large scope not only in country but also abroad.
The outcome of learning is positive change in:



Skills in nursing care to solving, the problem
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